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Was when my dad dug that old Model A out of
the barn to pull the trailer around the corn field
as we shucked the corn by hand with wrist bands
and I got to move it to the next row I fell in love
with that car and begged my dad to give me that
1930 Tudor Model A. I was only in 9th grade but
by the time I was a senior in high school I fixed it
up and was driving it all over the place.

I wanted one of those OHV conversions so bad that I started to dream about how I could make one on my own. After starting my Tool & Die Apprenticeship in 1970 the year I graduated, I bought a Bridgeport milling machine in 1971 and started to make my overhead valve conversion for my Model “A” Ford. I started with a 327 Chevrolet cylinder head.

As time went on I soon filled my mom and dads two car garage and needed more room. In 1976 I bought some land and built a building 50 X 50 where I was able to setup my shop in the back 30 X 50 of the building this was the start of Stipe Machine Co. full time. I was able to live in the front 20 X 50 of the building if it was 2500 SQ Ft or under and I could be considered the night watchman. Soon my family came and we had to all pack in one bedroom with the kids in bunk beds for the next 8 years until the old school house across the street became available and I bought it and moved out of the shop.
My Model A car hobby sat dormant for over 20 years because I had to make a living machining industrial parts and doing repair work.

I bought Ash Cams in the early 90’s and started Specialty Motor Cams.

Today we are making new cams and regrinding old ones along with many other new performance engine parts. We have a engine dyno and test our cams and products along with building complete dyno tested performance engines.

We are developing new products all the time making the Model A and B engine stronger and more reliable.

I put my heart into the hobby and I feel I do a better job of it because I love it.

Bill Stipe